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The Optimum Time To Eat Dinner Has Been Revealed – And It's Pretty Ludicrous

What time do you usually eat dinner? The answer will (probably) be between 6pm and 7pm for most, though if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself eating at 9pm whenever the evening runs away from you.

But new research suggests we’re doing it all wrong, because we should actually be eating our main meal at 5pm – aka, the time when most of us are still at work.

Eating dinner at 5pm is the magic time if you want to maintain a healthy weight, avoid obesity and shed a few pounds, according to the study by Harvard Medical School

Those who ate their last meal of the day at this time were less hungry compared to people who had dinner at 9pm, the scientists said, meaning you’re less prone to overeating. It was also linked to positive changes in activity levels relating to certain genes, meaning the body was less likely to store fat.

We’re not doubting the methods of the Harvard researchers, but let’s get real for a minute: who can actually eat a full meal at 5pm?

Most of us are back in the workplace and won’t be home until after that time, so unless you’re bringing a packed lunch, a 5pm dinner is nonsense. And what about parents, who are scoffing down their own meals whenever they find time? Or anyone who wants to have a social life when the working day finally ends?

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