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These Are the Most Popular Diets in America Right Now

The holidays are right around the corner, a season for indulgence and joy. However, a recent survey from Within found that 42 percent of women feel pressured to diet during the holiday season. While diets can be beneficial for your health if done safely, the study found that one in five people have crossed the line into unhealthy habits in the past. However, there are healthy ways to diet to improve your overall well-being for yourself and no one else. Some of the current most popular diets can be done safely.

This survey looked into the most popular diets in 2022 to see which trends reigned supreme. According to the study, intermittent fasting topped the chart as the most popular diet currently. Low carb, clean eating, vegetarian and keto were the runner-ups.

The study found that 85 percent of women have been on a diet in the past. It also notes that 47 percent of women report they are currently on a diet. The majority of people, 58 percent, say they diet to improve their health. Others say they diet in the hopes of improving looks, having more energy, gaining confidence and reducing the risk of illness.

The data indicates that people are too often influenced by social media when it comes to dieting. If you are interested in taking on a diet, it’s best to discuss the healthiest approach with your doctor rather than trusting an Instagram influencer or ad. Everyone’s body is different and could respond in various ways to different techniques.

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